One on One sessions gives you the opportunity to train and learn directly from the Coach.

- Not only will I be coaching alongside you during your sessions, I'll be all offering advice and guidance as needed throughout the remaining  hours of the week as well. Providing a specifically tailored programme designed around your goals.

-  I can save you literally months of trial and error that most trainers experience when they start. Learn from my own experiences (and mistakes!) to get a head start on your progress!

- As your own personal OCR coach, you can expect me to challenge and motivate you every session. Nobody said this would be easy, but I'm saying it will be worth it!

- Your work in the gym is just the beginning. I'll help you put together a healthy, balanced and most importantly sustainable diet that works for you. No more crash diets and rabbit food, I'll get you eating delicious food that's good for you, and will keep you healthy for life.

- As your trainer, I not only want to help you, I want to help you to help yourself! Learn expert tips and training techniques that you can use to continually improve yourself every day.