• Optimise Your Workout Time.
    Use your trainer's knowledge and experience to ensure you're not wasting another minute! Get twice as much work done in half the time!

  • Ensure Proper Form
    A PT will ensure you're using proper form on every exercise and giving you adequate rest between sets, thereby reducing the likelihood of injury and ensuring maximum results.

  • Accurate Assessment
    You might be wondering about a niggling injury, or whether you're eating the right foods, or if you're on the right track to reach your goals. A PT can give you a comprehensive and accurate assessment to make sure you're doing all the right things.

  • Exercise Safely
    Any good PT worthy of the title will make sure every exercise you do is performed safely, and will remove any mystery surrounding new equipment.
  • Accountability
    Being accountable to someone for your actions and results makes all the difference between "I will" and "I have". A PT will make sure you stay true to your ambitions!

  • Top Athletes Use Trainers
    Take the guesswork out of your training and focus on getting the results you want. Trust the expertise of your trainer to get you where you want to be and save yourself countless hours of research!
  • Go Beyond Your Comfort Zone
    Pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone is one of the most difficult aspects of training, the brain is programmed to stop when it hurts! A PT will push you beyond your comfort levels while staying within your physical limits.

  • Personalisation
    The clue is in the name! There's no single workout plan that's going to work for everyone. A PT knows that everyone is different and writes custom workouts and diet plans that suit YOU.

  • Motivation
    We've all had those days where it's just easier to stay in bed than to go out in the rain to exert yourself physically. Or experienced those moments where you wonder what's the point of it all? PT's have too! But we've learned how to motivate ourselves and others to do what's necessary to achieve the results those still in bed can only dream about!

  • Improve Flexibility with Assisted Stretching
    Your PT will be there before and after your session to help you stretch, improving flexibility, accelerating recovery and reducing injury.

  • Years of Experience, Trials and Errors 
    Personal Trainers have spent years and years in the gym, trying different training methods, researching alternative diets, sometimes learning the hard way what works and what doesn't. They pass this knowledge on to you, giving you the shortest, safest and most effective route to your goal.

  • Access to Community and Support Network
    As a client, you will be in constant communication, not only with the PT, but with other clients and professionals as well! You'll never need to feel alone on your journey. 

  • Get Help With Injures/Conditions/Circumstances
    Injuries and other medical conditions can often leave you feeling defeated, or at the very least disadvantaged in the gym. A PT can help you overcome physical and mental barriers and even rehabilitate you by treating the cause of an injury. 

  • Improve Athletic Performance

You weren't designed by nature to sit at a desk all day, or lay on the sofa watching telly! Personal training can get you from zero to hero again. Find out what your body is really capable of.

  • Body Fat Loss

Losing weight may be a simple process, but that isn't the same thing as easy! With a personal trainer at your side you'll find the process so much easier. Finally shed those pounds and feel comfortable in your skin again. 

  • Muscle Gain

Extra muscle is never a bad thing! It increases your basal metabolic rate, makes you stronger and gives you that toned, athletic look you've always dreamed of.

Why Do I Need
​Personal Training?​