What is
​Personal Training?


The value of having your very own Personal Trainer cannot be overstated and goes far beyond the training sessions every week.

1 hour FREE Consultation and Fitness Assessment
     This is the cornerstone of your programme. During this time, we'll discuss your current lifestyle, including diet, sleeping patterns, work and social life, and use that information to shape a comprehensive and detailed plan that works for you.
     In addition, I'll give you a fitness assessment to gauge your current levels of strength, flexibility and overall fitness. These will be your benchmarks to work from and, in a few months time, a reminder of how far you've come.

Tailored Training Programme
    Using information collected from the consult and fitness assessment, I will structure for you a comprehensive programme designed to help you reach your goals. Whether it's to shed some pounds for a wedding or holiday, pack on some muscle, or prepare for an event, we can get you there together.

Diet Assessment and Custom Menu
     Ever tried a diet in a desperate effort to slim down for beach season, only to see the flab fight back mere months later? I will piece together beautifully balanced, nutritious meals that will fuel your workouts without the added baggage. And the best part? It's custom made for you. So if there's that one vice you can't live without, we'll find a way to make it work for you, not against you.

Monthly Progress Report
     Each and every month, we'll review your progress to make sure you're still on track, taking the guesswork out of your efforts, and adjusting the programme, if and when necessary, in just the right places to keep you progressing.

On Call Contact and Support

     Personal training doesn't end when your session does. I am fully committed to you and your goals 24 hours a day! I'll be on hand to give you nutrition and fitness advice, motivation and support whenever you need it.

Training and Diet Education.
    Getting you in shape is just the beginning! I'm also here to educate you, to help you help yourself! As we work together I'll be explaining the hows and whys of everything we do, to give you a more comprehensive knowledge base to continue building for years to come.